Trampoline and Tumbling

Our Mission

360iGym Trampoline & Tumbling Team’s and classes main objective is to have an important positive impact on your child’s future. We are not only committed to helping each person become the best athlete he/she can possibly be, but also to helping him/her become a happy, healthy and responsible individual.

What You'll Do in Class 

This class is the best of both worlds for both male and female athletes. Students will learn skills on the trampoline, the double mini trampoline and the floor. This class is perfect for kids who love to flip, twist and jump high! 

Students will learn foundation skills and terminology, which will advance them through different levels of classes. 

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How to Prepare for Class 
It is important to remember that no jewellery, sunglasses, hats, or street clothes are worn on the trampoline. Only proper gym attire (snug fitting shirt and shorts or tights) will be permitted. Students may jump either barefoot or wear special gym slippers.

Class Schedule
T & T - COED Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Tuition

T&T Beginner

7 and Up years

60 min- COED

5:00 pm 5:00 pm 4:00 pm 9:00 pm $89/month

T&T Intermediate

7 and Up years

90 min - COED

6:00 pm 6:00 pm 10:00 pm $139/month

T&T Advanced

7 and Up years

120 min- COED

6:00 pm 6:00 pm $155/month

Freestyle Trampoline

7 and Up years

60 min-COED

07:00 pm 12:00 pm $89/month

120 mins Power Tumbling

7 and Up years

120 min-COED

4:30 pm 5:00 pm $155/month

Adult Tumbling

18 and Up years

60 minutes

8:30 pm

Open Gym

120 minutes

1:00 pm

3:00 pm


T&T Recreational Class Description


(Ages 7 & up) 60 minutes

Basic tumbling and trampoline skills are the focus of this coed class.  In addition to handstands and cartwheels, student will get a total body workout with exercises to improve strength, flexibility and endurance. Students will work on mastering positions and terminology.

  • Floor: Forward and Backward rolls in multiple positions (tuck pike and straddle). Handstands, Cartwheels, back bends.
  • Trampoline: Proper bouncing technique, arm positions, bouncing safety, position jumps (tuck, pike, straddle), Seat drops.
  • Double Mini: Proper Jumps, landings, position jumps.

Instructor/student ratio = 1:8


(Ages 7 & up) 90 minutes

For boys and girls who have completed the T&T Beginner curriculum and are now ready for T&T Intermediate or Advanced.  Intermediate tumbling skills up through back handsprings and front tucks on trampoline and double mini will be the focus of this class.

  • Floor: Backbend kickovers, straight arm backward rolls, Handstand rolls and holds, Round offs, standing back handsprings.
  • Trampoline: Front and back drops, connecting skills and jumps, basic flipping progressions.
  • Double Mini: Will start working passes and pass progressions.

Instructor/student ratio = 1:8


(Ages 7 & up) 120 minutes

For boys and girls that can perform a back handspring and front tuck.  Advanced tumbling skills such as twisting and back tucks will be introduced. Instructors approval

  • Floor: Round of back handsprings, standing back tucks, multiple back handsprings and somersaults.
  • Trampoline: Front and back tucks, twisting drills, skill combinations.
  • Double Mini: Flipping dismounts, and full passes with flips.

Instructor/student ratio = 1:8


(Ages 7 & up) 60 minutes

Students will work on terminology, foundation skills and techniques as well as safety in this 60 minute coed class. They will also learn the T&T Beginner and Intermediate routines. This is a great class for students that want a good cardio workout.

Instructor/student ratio = 1:8


(Ages 7 & up) 120 minutes

We at 360iGym specialize in power tumbling to improve the tumbling skills for cheerleaders. Well, they were right! 360iGym proudly boasts an 60 foot tumbling rod floor to make the most out of those powerful passes. Combine all of our specialized tumbling apparatus and veteran tumbling coaches. Nationally in the sport of Power Tumbling, and you see why our Power Tumbling Program for Cheerleaders is our fastest growing program.

The 360iGym Program develops three major cheer areas, tumbling, aerial stunting, and conditioning. We work predominately on increasing the tumbling skill ability of cheerleaders up to age 18 through the use of our varied tumbling apparatus. These two hour one or two time per week Power Tumbling classes are taught in a progression oriented format beginning with skills such as round offs and back handsprings progressing to multiple skill passes that include double flips and multiple twists. Our program uses the trampoline and rebounding devices to increase the skill dynamics and visual aesthetics of the aerial stunts performed by cheerleaders. Finally, the ability to perform at a high level requires a significant amount flexibility, strength, and endurance. We spend time dedicated to sport specific conditioning designed to help cheerleaders become the best at their sport.

Instructor/student ratio = 1:8


(Ages 18 & up) 60 minutes

Using a combination of Gymnastics Tumbling, and trampoline urban fitness, strength and lots of fun.

Instructor/student ratio = 1:10


30 or 60 minutes

One-on-one sessions for gymnasts are a great way to get personalized instruction. If your child is having difficulty with a particular skill or would like to focus on a new skill, please schedule a thirty minute or sixty minute lesson with one of our experienced, safety-certified instructors. Cheerleaders, Martial Artists and other Athletes Welcome!

 All fees are to be paid before the private lesson begins (cash, check or charge). Emergency reservations, sooner than the next available date may be possible at an additional cost. 360iGym reserves the right to refuse a lesson request. We reserve the right to cancel a private lesson and return a full refund. All lessons start and stop as per the agreed time regardless of the client’s presence. Cancellation notice: Please contact the gym at least 24 hours prior to your lesson if you need to cancel, otherwise you are expected to pay for the scheduled time. Private lessons are not to conflict with previously scheduled staff responsibilities.

Trampoline and Tumbling Recreational Coaches

Coach Robert McGrew

Coach Robert serves as the Director at 360i Gym where he oversees all programs. An accomplished and award-winning coach for now 30 years, Robert has trained teams across a full range of gymnastic disciplines including Trampoline and Tumbling, Men’s Junior Olympic Gymnastics, Women’s Junior Olympic Gymnastics, USA Gymnastics Excel Teams, and Cheerleading. Throughout his career, he has coached many states, regional and national champions in both Power Tumbling & Trampoline and also gymnastics.

Robert is a former gymnast and power tumbler. He is also a former member of gymnastic and tumbling performance teams that entertained crowds at Portland Trail Blazers and Seattle Sonics games as well as at local colleges. He has also participated in team performances at Universal Studios and Disney World, as well as many other entertainment parks. Robert is a graduate of Portland State University and holds a degree in Business. He is also a former National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) Certified Paramedic.

Certifications: USA Gymnastics National Level Coach Trampoline and Tumbling. USA Gymnastics Safety certified, Safe Sports. USTA National Level Coach Trampoline and Tumbling, USTA Safety Certified, Safe sport. First Aide CPR Advance Certified.

Carla Ririe, Dance and Acro Coach

Carla is a professional dance instructor with more than 20 years of experience. Her exceptional talent in teaching various choreographies has inspired thousands of students to dance. She is an expert in and has taught students in a broad range of dance styles and techniques including classical ballet, Spanish, Flamenco, jazz, hip hop, Russian Dance, Tap, Middle Eastern and Irish. Her passion for teaching and performing seeks the highest level of perfection.

Carla started dancing at a very early age, with her mother Melita Roberts. Later, at the age of 16, she graduated from the University of San Marcos as a dance teacher and also earned an International Folk Dance Diploma, Certificate of Choreography and Classical Ballet Certificate. Following her education, she traveled to the United States where she enhanced her dance education in Christiansen ballet and later on performed in companies all over the world including London, Peru, Spain as well as throughout the United States including Washington, DC and Northern Virginia.

Carla has earned numerous accolades and awards over her professional career. She is a former Miss Hispanic Utah first runner up, winner of the Washington DC Area Hispanic Cultural Arts’ Classical Ballet Best of Show Award, and received the Elite Performer Honor standing with a first place award in classical ballet at the London Theater. Carla has been recognized by the Fairfax Government Community Center and State Department for her dedication to teaching to the community. She also has taught at numerous DC areas’ studios, colleges and gymnastic centers.

Certifications: First Aid CPR Certified, USA Gymnastics Certified Coach