Elementary School Distance Learning Program


Elementary School Distance Learning Program (8:30am – 3pm):

Enroll now for our 2020-2021 school season.  Enrolloing now ensures a spot before they’re booked.  You may email us at Info@360iGym.com

Our staff led by Certified Elementary School  teacher will help your child through their distance learning program provided by NOVA Elementary schools and then will provide enrichment to supplement your child’s education such as PE, Art Class, STEM Classes and more.

(Teacher Administrating the students)

Students will need to bring in their own laptop, headset,  required school supplies.  Our trained teachers will ensure that the students attend virtually scheduled classes and do their homework. 

  • Grouped by Grades 
  • Organized Daily Schedules
  • 25,000 sqft of Space  to facilitate Safe Social Distancing
  • LCPS Cirriculam for Distance learning facilitated by Trained LCPS teachers
  • Provide enrichment to supplement your child’s education such as PE, Art Class, STEM Classes and more.

    Daily Program is as follows:

    1. 8:45am – 9am:  Arrival, Hand washing and Settling down at their table.
    2. 9am – 12pm:  Online Distance learning
    3. 12pm – 1pm:   Lunch break
    4. 1pm – 3pm: Home work time or /Arts and Crafts
    5. 3pm – 5pm (PE Time): Gymanastics  Class / Ninja Class / Open Gym / Board games / Movie time etc.,

Families going thru financial crisis because of COVID-19 and need Child support, please contact us directly for assistance

Full – Day School:   $295/wk or $1,080/mo.   (Early Bird Special)

(4 day, 3day, 2 day and 1 day per week available)

Sibling Discount: 10% for 2nd Kid; 20% for 3rd Kid.

With After School (3pm – 6pm) – Add $75/week or $15/day

Packed Lunches available from OXUS7 Grill .

COVID 19 Policies & Procedures:

Outdoor Drop off and Pick Up: All students will be dropped off at the facility at the front sidewalk. Our faculty member will assist your student out of the car and into the building. At pick up, please call our facility and we will escort your child out to your vehicle. Please wear a mask (if getting out of your car) and maintain social distancing during the exchange. No parents will be allowed to enter the building unless a prior meeting is scheduled with management.

(Talk about Taking Temperatures every day)

Daily Health Checks and Observations for Students: Our staff will be participating in continued training to update them in the latest daily health observation methods for Covid-19. Upon arrival each morning, we will do a wellness check for each child to include a Covid questionnaire and a temperature check. This will be documented for contact tracing purposes. This will be done at drop off prior to parents’ departure and in their presence.

A minimum of 6 feet distance is maintained at all times. To decrease exposure, we will assign a seat to each student and the students will not rotate desks or rooms or teachers. 

(Sanitizing at regular intervals thru out the day)

No Mixing of classrooms: Each classroom will remain together throughout the day and will not co-mingle during the day. 

Daily Sanitation: We have spent significant time planning and preparing to open in a safe and clean manner. Each Room and its materials will be sanitized multiple times throughout the day. 

Packed Lunches/Plastic plates and utensils: All students must pack their lunch and 2 snacks  and take all trash back home with them to limit exposure.  Please ensure that your child brings a water bottle with them every day and that their lunch is nut free.  Alternative we can provide Lunch for $25/week

Individual Supplies: We will be asking parents to provide supplies for their children such as pencils, crayons, and glue sticks.

Updated Sick Policy: If a child or staff member has a fever and/or symptom of Covid19, they will be asked to not return for 72 hours and required to receive a Covid-19 test. If positive the family must be quarantined from the school for a period of two weeks. If negative, the family may return after the 72-hour period.

What Is Different About the LCPS 2020-2021 School Year

The Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) plan to have all 5 days online instruction.

How Will the 360iGym Programs works?

Since the focus will be on academics we will have teachers from LCPS that will help out your child(ren) during the camp period. This way parents will not have to do much school work with their child(ren) after a long day of work.

Our Academics Camp will be structured in an hourly schedule like the traditional school day. We are waiting on the school schedules to know when the children’s online classes will be, but we have the following daily academic activities planned for our Academic Camp schedule which we will schedule around their online school schedule:

  • Supervised Academic School Work ~ We provide one-on-one tutoring and supervision to supplement their online schoolwork provided by LCPS. Your child(ren) will complete their daily school work at 360iGym so you will not need to worry about their school work when you pick them up at the end of the day.
  • Silent Individual Reading Time ~ Children can read any book they choose during this time.
  • Arts and Crafts ~ We will provide craft supplies and art projects to keep the kids’ creative juices running!
  • Physical Education (PE) ~ Martial arts and fitness class with full social distancing! No contact.
  • Additional Academic Enrichment ~ We are currently talking with *fun* online educational programs for kids such as The Thinking Kid (https://www.thethinkingkid.org/) to provide online educational programs IN ADDITION to the LCPS school curriculum!

The goal of this program is flexibility! 

If you decide not to send your child to school and would rather they attend camp five days per week, they can!

Whether your child attends school twice a week, once a week, or not at all, your child will have a place to go and your price will stay the same.

Alternatively, if there is a day they are regularly scheduled to attend their school but you choose not to send them, you can send them to an additional day of camp at no extra cost.

With the full-time membership, your child can attend up to five days of full day camp per week.