Safety Rules

Please review these very important safety rules with your child.

  1. No one is allowed in the gym without an instructor. All children in the waiting or viewing areas must be supervised by an adult.
  2. No food, gum, or drinks are allowed in the gym.
  3. No jewelry allowed in the gym. We cannot be responsible for jewelry or valuables brought to the premises.
  4. Glasses must be securely fastened.
  5. Long hair must be tied back away from the face. Soft rubber bands only; No hair ornaments please.
  6. Arrive a few minutes before your class time so you are ready for warm-ups. Proper warm-up exercises add to both the safety and success of every gymnastics activity.
  7. At the end of class, students must wait inside the building for their ride.
  8. Please NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY for the safety of our students.
  9. Girls Attire– leotard, or shorts/sweatpants with an elastic waistband, and a T-shirt      (tucked in). No tights that cover the feet, and no skirts.
    Boys Attire– Shorts or sweatpants with an elastic waistband, and a T-shirt (tucked   in).
    Footwear – bare feet or gymnastics slippers.
    General – No oversize or loose fitting clothing. No jeans, buckles, buttons,    snaps, zippers, etc.
  10. Please do not send any nut based snack with your children we follow a strict NO-NUT policy.